About Sentronics

Purpose drives Performance

Born from a passion to make a difference, Sentronics consists of industry experts from the Security, Information Technology, Telecommunication and Software Development industries.

Our Philosophy When Building Products & Solutions

Humans & Technology

Sentronics - The Human & technology Cycle

The human and technology cycle are an ever-evolving process.

Where possible we are replacing people and some of the things they do with technology.

We are also augmenting people with technology, ensuring that what they do is done more effectively, monitored and audit trails created so that we can provide information as the basis of decision support for measures of accountability and overall improvement.

We continuously review these first two portions of the process to further automate and optimize tasks and processes.

The cycle then continues as more technology replaces some processes or tasks performed by people.

We continually enhance the technologies we place with people while automation and optimization remain ongoing.

State Zero

State Zero - Sentronics

State Zero can be defined as the optimal and most conducive state for an organisation to achieve its objectives. This means ensuring that risk to PROPERTY, ASSETS, PEOPLE, PRODUCTIVITY, and PROFIT is always mitigated in the most effective ways while ensuring that efficiencies are maintained.

The introduction of technologies that allow for the monitoring and management of all the elements (People, Process, Technology) that could potentially affect the ideal and successful outcome of organizational objectives is therefore imperative.

State Zero needs to be maintained and when deviation occurs an integrated approach to manage all these elements, with minimum human intervention, needs to be applied so that the organization can return to State Zero in the most practical and timeous way.

The Journey


Sentronics: Hindsight-Insight-Foresight

The status of traditional solutions means that organisations are constantly experiencing hindsight of events. This “after the fact” approach is no longer useful or acceptable.

A new approach integrating the correct blend of technology, process and human resources drive solutions to the point where we can deliver far more value than traditional methods while previously missing insights are provided.

When applied with artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning these insights start to derive predictions that become stronger in probability over time. Higher probability predictions lead to prescriptive measures which in turn leads to incidents being prevented rather than acted on after they happen.

This is the journey that we invite our customers on.